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Disadvantages of Joomla Content Management System

Joomla content management system - Joomla CMSJoomla content management system is preferred by many. Although it is a flexible and free open source content management system, it does have its own disadvantages. Listed below are some of the drawbacks of this well-known content management system:
  1. It has a bigger learning curve. If you want to start a simple website, don't go for something as complicated as Joomla. In such a case, Word Press would be a better option.
  2. Although Joomla is easy to use by all, one major drawback is that it is not search engine optimization friendly. This means you will have trouble in search engine ranking.
  3. Joomla uses JavaScript and CSS. Both of these get bulky. This results in slow loading of your website, which does not work well with customers. Also, you might have additional hosting costs.
  4. Joomla is good if you want the same look for your website. If, at all, you want to change the layout of your site, it gets too clumsy to work with a Joomla site.
  5. There are certain plug-ins of Joomla that cost money. At the same time, you get similar plug-ins from Word Press that are absolutely free of cost.