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Advantages that Joomla has over other CMS’

Open source Content Management Systems have long since revolutionized the way that websites are being created and managed. These CMS’ are all user-friendly and do not call for high level technical skills. What’s more, these CMS’ are absolutely free of cost! What with so many of these open source CMS’ available today, it can be very difficult to choose one that is better than the rest.

Joomla is one such CMS that out-powers all the rest. It is power packed with all the necessary features that users find it extremely convenient and simple. It is developed in such a way that it required the least technical know-how possible in order to set up or maintain a site.

Here are a few advantages that Joomla offers:

  • It has been designed to work well in shared web hosting environments. Installing it is very simple.

  • It is supported by a number of plug-ins, add-ons and extensions, which are all written in PHP. This is the most widely used scripting language and is best suited for web development