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Different Aspects of Web Design and Development

Different Aspects of Web Design and Development
Web design and development are just a part of the complex process of site creation. Due to the rapid growth of the Internet community, web design has indeed become the most powerful and prevailing instrument in web site building. This growth in turn, has made it mandatory to create sites that are extremely stylish and in touch with the latest trends. Internet users act like a kind of check for your design performance. If visitors come back to your site, then your design has passed checking control. But if they don't then its time to add, change, redesign and develop your site in order to increase the traffic.

Creating the perfect web site seems virtually impossible. But there are a few standard guidelines that one can follow while designing and developing a website:
  • The overall outlook or the whole model scheme should be clear and simple. If the the layout is complex then it should seem as if it is simple. Furthermore, the page content, data and text must look readable and be understandable and logical. The information on the whole should be useful, new, fresh, proper, suitable and related to the site's topic.
  • Another point to keep in mind is the loading time for web pages. Every web designer loves to use various kinds of audio, textual or video graphics. Utmost care must be taken, since many complex effects slow down the speed.
  • Also multiple frame applications in one page reduces speed of page loads. Another chief issue that every web designer must verify is the display resolution. In other words, designs that look good in a certain resolution may look bad in another.
  • One must be careful not to use both vertical and horizontal bars on one and the same page as it looks bad and drives your user crazy. But more importantly, it is not convenient to handle two different bars simultaneously.
  • Advertisements do enhance a websites performance. But, advertisements that are too big, eye-catching and alluring may redirect users from the message of your site. Furthermore, pop-ups might just annoy and disturb visitors.
  • In Toto, quantity always blends well with quality. It is also important to note that all the aspects mentioned above must interact and function as naturally as possible.
Professional designers do arrange links and tabs in a very reasonable way. This simply means that there are several links, images or tabs in the page, but their position is so advantageous that it does not distract the visitors attention from the site itself. But the most important aspect of web design and development is that every single page must be instructive and verified, logical and basic. Finally, all matter must be checked and verified so as to avoid any grammar or typographical errors.

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