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Joomla versus Wordpress

Joomla versus Wordpress
Joomla and Wordpress are two heavy weights and are considered to be the 2 most important CMS’ in the market. People have been shifting between these two CMS’ while creating websites. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Joomla CMS has helped to build powerful sites and online applications. It is easy to use and is extremely good for extensibility. Today it is one of the most popular website software’s available. You can get it freely as it is an open source solution.

You can develop a wide range of web applications using Joomla that can include eCommerce sites or portals, online publication sites, small business sites, educational sites and lots more.

Some of the advantages of using Joomla are:

1.Full-fledged CMS
2.Powerful and robust
3.Admin users & PW protected areas
4.SEO friendly with SEF plug ins
5.Admin is more than just Articles

Disadvantages of Joomla:

1.Slower loading time
2.Bulky Javascript & CSS
3.Big learning curve

Wordpress on the other hand is an open source and free blogging software. It is written in PHP using MySQL. Today, it is one of the largest self hosted blogging tools and is used by thousands of sites. Though it is working amazingly as a blogging platform but towards primary CMS it still is in its infancy though we can see it is getting closer.

With Wordpress, you can build web applications like free powerful personal publishing systems, customized template driven designs, file or picture uploading, allow HTML tags, password protection, allow meta tag and many more.

Advantage of Using Wordpress:

1.Amazing blogging platform
2.SEO friendly
3.Easy to install
4.Friendly graphical user interface
5.Lightweight and easy to use
6.Articles, comments and blogs can be administrated easily.

Disadvantage of Wordpress:

1.Components/extensions are limited
2.Lightweight limited on power
3.Administration of other portions limited
4.Articles seem to be like blogs sorted out by publish dates