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Tips to enhance your E commerce website

Tips to enhance your E commerce website
If you are planning to venture out into the field of ecommerce or you already have a fully functional e-commerce website, then here are a few tips to enhance the performance of your website:
  • Sites that have an address or phone fields should not assume that only a US citizen is going to purchase your products or services.
  • If you've got a country drop-down box, you must list it in alphabetical order.
  • Don't just accept payments through PayPal, since a lot of people have had very bad experiences with PayPal and hence prefer to use alternative, as well as simpler payment methods. You should definitely make your site easier to buy from – no registration as far as possible.
  • Taking a picture of your office and adding it to your contact us page would be a good way to go.
  • Never bury your products in several pages of click through. Hence you must implement some sort of a working search mechanism so that users can get to what they seek in two clicks. Make sure there are absolutely no redundant methods of getting around.
  • Your initial products page must be light and clean, with links to product details if they actually want to read it.
  • You must never leave unanswered emails for more than 40 hours, or else your customer is gone.
  • You must give the user a sense of who you are. The web is a cold, anonymous place, hence, anything you can do to bring a sense of assurance and personality to your website will help.
  • Make sure your site search always works better than expected. In other words, it should search more than product names. Furthermore, make sure that it can not only find products by SKU but also by Model Number as well as even misspellings if possible.
  • Make sure to include links to your shipping, privacy, exchange and returns policies, right out where the customer can easily find them. The truth must be told at all times. The customer must be kept informed about the status of their order even before the question is raised.
  • If you're relevantly new to e-commerce NEVER mention that.
  • Product descriptions must be customized.
  • Lastly and most importantly, listen to customers, their comments as well as all their criticism.
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