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Why Use Joomla for your Site’s Development

Why Use Joomla for your Site’s Development
Today, Joomla is one of the most regularly used content management systems, both loved by the developers and the users. In a short span, it has earned a great reputation due to its amazing functionality and features.

In this platform you can design simple to complex websites, highly interactive multi-lingual web sites, corporate intranets or extranets, blogs and e-commerce applications, online communities, media portals, newspapers, online magazines and other publications.

There are various advantages that Joomla has over other systems like:

1.No Cost: Joomla is totally free unlike other commercial CMS solutions, which offer different versions based on the pre-defined budget. You can get Joomla’s all encompassing version free of cost. It also provides a great range of add-ons which now add up to 4800 in number.

2.Easy Installation: It is easy to install and set up Joomla for even non advanced users. It is designed for that only. Creating websites is easy and if you are creating one for your client, it requires only a minimum duration of the instruction session to empower the site to easily manage their sites.

3.Saves Time: One great thing about Joomla is that it saves time. With the easy to use control panel, you can edit text online, set keywords and add images easily. You can also edit menu items, prepare the whole new section of a site and once launched, all you need to do is go to the Menu manager and publish it.

4.Continuous Developments: The endeavor to advance Joomla is always on. Every 15 to 20 days, there is some new improvement that comes on. Many bugs and issues are also fixed with each new version. So, in the next version you will see a lot of enhancement.

5.Huge Community Support and Forums: Joomla has a huge community so if you have any issue, it can be solved soon. There are also forums where a lot of people participate to discuss problems, queries and get it resolved by the experts.

6.Free Access to advanced functionality: There is a huge range of plug ins added to the functionality of the core program. In these plug ins, there are special complexities costing a lot to develop for a HTML site. Shopping cart, videos, bulletin boards, image galleries, Blogs, directories and hundreds of other features can be added. In Joomla templates, it is very easy to customize and even the designs are very appealing as well.

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